Monday, October 4, 2010

A Weekend in Walcha

Another, non-crafty entry.

If you remember I just bought a beautiful, brand new bike last month (if you don't, see the last post).

Now I don't usually complain about riding, anytime, anywhere, but the following are a few pictures of what happens when I go for a weekend ride with Bikie Chic Adventures. People kept telling me how dirty my bike was, and I'd look at theirs and it hardly looked like they'd been riding. Must mean mine is more "well loved"! lol Good thing it's only dirt and she'll get a bath tomorrow.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My newest "Fun"!

Yet another off topic for a crafty blog... but it IS my blog! lol.

This is "Arabella". It's a 2010 Yamaha XVS V-Star 650 Custom. I picked it up Saturday morning August 14th, 2010. We went for a long ride after I got it and it was a great experience!

It looks a lot like my last one, it's just 400cc's bigger and a lot of the black parts were shiny chrome on the 250. Less to polish I say! I'm getting a luggage rack on the back and a windshield next week. Two things that are absolutely necessary on a bike you intend to ride all over and back! I probably should have taken the picture before I put the Airhawk on the seat. Oh well, you get the idea anyway.

Sorry, way off topic for a "crafty" blog

This is our new office. We've been in it now for almost 2 months.