Friday, December 21, 2007

YAY me! I'm SO done!

I have finally completed the scrapbook! Its done and going in the mail today! The 21st... not the 1st like I had originally planned. Oh well, at least mom and dad won't get their prezzie early! They know its coming and hopefully they get it before New Years Day!

Here are my last three pages, I don't like them much, but when it gets to be 4am and you won't allow yourself to go to bed till its finished, what can you do?!

Sheesh I was a geeky looking kid!

I thought it would be nice for my parents to get to know my Aussie family as well.

The LAST page I'll ever do!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting down to the Christmas present wire

I'm getting to the last couple of pages for my parents scrapbook. Its going out late as I said in my last post, but I suppose after knowing me as long as they have, my parents probably expect that.

So here are a few more pages I've finished recently. Keep in mind, again, this album is only 8x8, I've never scrapbooked before, and it's now a mad dash to just get it done.

Mom always teased me that this was the picture she was going to show my boyfriends and husband... it could have been worse, really!

FINALLY my Christmas Cards are done and out!

I suppose this is just one more way I've procrastinated getting my scrapbook done. I have only about 3 more pages to do. Yay! Never mind the fact that I have to send it to my parents in the US (I live in Australia), and it's their Christmas present. It's now December 20th, and I missed it again. Sigh. I have told them that it would be late though.

Anyway, Christmas cards were just something else on my plate that needed to get done, and now I can scratch that off the list. Funny, I made 10 thinking I'd have some left over, but I didn't, and I wasn't making anymore! I was firm in this decision. I went to the post office to deliver them to the waiting box, then decided to check my post office box. Lo and behold two cards from people I hadn't even thought about... great friends, no doubt, they had just slipped my mind for some reason. So back home I went and spent another few hours making not two, but 6 more cards. I thought if I make only two, I'll more than likely need to make more. However, since I've made 6 more, I'll have some left overs for next year!

On the front of the cards is whats called an Ambigram. Which means you can turn the word over and it either says the same thing or something different. This one says something different. I had to carefully design in Publisher, the actual background for the card, the words "the reason we celebrate". It wasn't too difficult though. I layered the printed Jesus Christ on purple Bazzill, then green, then plunked it on the card. I tied a creamy ribbon at the top to, uhm, tie it all together~

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Special Christmas Card

Every year I'm asked to make a special Christmas card for our pastors so the associate pastors can put in the love offering from the church. What an honour.

This is what I came up with this year. Unfortunately, the star was a bit smaller than I really wanted it to be. I really wish the whole thing would have turned out better.

Its a 6x6 card. I used white textured bazzill as a base, then layered white silk paper torn around the edges. I then layered a different textured white bazzill, a piece of red, another piece of white, then the plain, flat white ran through a crimper. I attached the star with a jump ring and tied it all together with white organza ribbon. On the inside I made two slits to insert the check. I also made an envelope to go with it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Yellow page that took me all over town looking for flowers...

I forgot to add this one a couple of days ago. I have a feeling the very first thing mom will add will be "independant"...

This page was another double. On the backs of these pages, where the pictures backs would be, I drew rectangles and did some journaling about each picture. Its really surprising how much a picture can jog your memory about people, places, events, etc. On the stamped dresses, I used a bit of pink Kindy Glitz. I usually don't use that type of thing, too tizzy for me, but I think in this instance it worked. Although, the dress on the left DID look a lot better before I had to fix it. I left it on the table to dry and accidently pushed another piece of paper over the top of it. I think we've all done something silly like that and had to fix it!

I have 4, maybe 5 more pages to do to finish this scrapbook.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Scrapbook page - Actress or Ham?

I really like this page... I should it took me TWO DAYS! Sheesh. I discovered that I had so many pictures of my drama team days and I really didn't want to take it to more than a two page layout so I had to come up with an idea to put all 16 of them on one set of pages. I saw a similiar idea on DIY Scrapbooking, but they put the little envelopes inside a bigger one and put a button and string assembly on the front to hold it all together. I just strung organza ribbon across to keep the taped together envelopes from flopping down when mom removes the page. The envelopes are also handmade.

Each picture has its own piece of cardstock and ribbon, and on the back I've written my favorite moment from each play, a line I can remember or the part I played, along with the name of the play and the year. I really relived that wonderful time in my life while I was putting this page together.

The letters were probably the hardest part and my fingers have the blisters to prove it! I took a thin piece of foam core poster board, put jac paper on it, then put on a piece of scrapbook paper from the Flavia collection. I then printed out the letters on plain paper, cut them out, then traced them onto my prepared board. Last, and the worst part, I carefully cut out each letter with my xacto knife.

In the white square on the right side, I eventually journalled about my time with the team and how much I loved it. (sorry the pictures aren't better, I meant to PhotoShop them before I put them on).

Sigh, almost done! My first and last scrapbook.

I'm getting through the pictures, and have come up with a layout for the picture from the last post. Thanks to Michelle I think it turned out ok. The picture, in the first place, was really dark and blurry, I had to PhotoShop the heck out of it to get it as bright and clear as I did, but I didn't dare take it any further. Oh well, at least I have a 5 year old picture of me!

The little rectangle of paper on the left swivels, there are two pieces there and I thought I'd journal what I loved about the farm, and mom could do the same, or write whatever she wanted. Its very plain, but oh well. Keep in mind that this is an 8x8 album, so less really is more!

This is my "cousin" page. I found this background paper at the Scrapbook Superstore and thought it was perfect, and I just so happened to have cardstock about the same color to tie it all together. As you can tell, its a double page spread. I've got a couple of those in this album.

I miss my cousins...