Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pro - Cras - Tin - A - Tion

Can anyone guess what I'm doing now?!

If you guessed procrastinating... DING DING DING DING! You guessed right!

Any guesses as to what might be under the 100% pure silk?

Aww, you peeked. Yep my violin!

When I went to my last lesson, my teacher suggested something that, at first, I thought a bit strange, maybe even a little eccentric as well, but it settled in my mind as being what should be. She said "violins love luxury, you should get some silk to wrap it in while its in its case". Then she turned around and said "besides that, it keeps small particles of dust from getting on and in it." Now being the sew-er I am, I thought "wrap it? heck I'll make it a luxury bag! Maybe put a bit of embellishment on it, perhaps a draw string with little gold beads at the ends of the strings..." NOW who's strange and eccentric?!

So I found myself in Spotlight looking at all these beautiful silks and wishing I could wrap my body in them, right then and there, then thinking, probably not a good idea, right then and there... So I bought a hunk of this pretty white, 100% silk, some beads and some lacy stuff. And off I went home.


I was excited to start this project, it seemed simple enough... oh wait... I don't do simple! But in actuality, it was a quick project, I hemmed, then sewed the embellishment on,

then folded it in half, sewed the seam

and my violin had a comfortable new bed! Ta Da!

By the time I got the silk to cooperate and go through my machine, I was really over it, so there is no draw string, there are no beads... but I think I heard an audible sigh when I placed the violin back in its case...