Monday, April 28, 2008

Found some fun Stamping stuff as well!

I've explored a couple of craft shops since I've been in Seattle. One of them is Impress. Wow! When you walk in that place all you see is stamps! I'm so in my element there! It took me at least an hour to skim over everything, then I went back and looked at things that interested me, then I grabbed a basket and started loading it up. Of course! Just thought I'd share some 0f the things I got between Impress and another place that I can't remember the name of... they were mostly about card stock...

Aren't these cute?! They're brads

These are brand new stamp pads that Impress just recently got in. Apparently they will be replacing all of their current Impress pads. The sales lady told me they'd be getting the re-inkers sometime soon, I hope so, the pads don't really look all that full, however, the colors are so bright and pretty. They also dry quickly and are permanent. At $24.95 per pack US, they're a pretty good deal.

These are just some pictures of stamps I picked up, had to have, whatever we need to call them to justify the purchases... (smirk)

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