Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tote bag

This is a tote bag that I've just finished for my good friend Beth, for her birthday. The "front" picture I had to scan from the front of the pattern since I obviously can't hold the camera still enough to get a decent picture! Sheesh. The back and card pictures aren't that great either, but the front one I took was REALLY bad!

I was able to get this project finished in about 2 1/2 days, and although I know it wasn't as perfect as the teachers, I thought I did well for my first one. The inside lining was a bit wonky in that it was a bit too big and floppy, so I had to put some stitches in the corners and the bottom front and back.

Beth said she liked it and had some ideas on how to use it... something about a "baby bag"?! When pressed, she said not yet, but she's hopeful. She's a wonderful mother to her 2, or maybe he's 3 now, year old son, Jacob.

I've also attached the card I made for her.

On the front is a pocket that's been embroidered. I really don't like to embroider, but the pattern called for it.

The two pictures of the tote look like they are different colors, but the actual color is closer to the "front" image. I love the fabrics Jenelle has in her shop at Pieces to Treasure, they're so rich and they yell at you to make something beautiful with them... well, maybe they don't "yell" at you... but they suggest strongly! ;-)


The flower has Dimensional Magic on it to give it, uhm,
"dimension" and shine. I kinda like this card, but I know I'd do a couple things different next time.

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