Monday, March 3, 2008

Done! Finally!

Well, here is the finished product.

Its taken a while, and I have one word... ok, maybe two, or three words about flannel...

1. Stretchy
2. Stretchy
3. and Stretchy

I'm not sure exactly how to combat this, except for be careful and don't over work it. I learned a lot from this project, and almost promised myself that I would never do another one, but I've learned my lesson about never saying never.

This is, of course, the back. I kinda wish it was a bit more interesting, but my quilt teacher, Janelle, talked me out of complicated. Good for her. Each time the quilting didn't work, or it bunched up the fabric, I would have to "unsew" it, and each time I unsewed it, the fabric would stretch a bit more. So I think the less work I had to put into it, the better.

You can also see the quilting here.

I finished it off with satin binding, and mitered corners. I really need to learn exactly how to do those. As I was sitting here finishing up the binding, I realized how warm and wonderful this quilt felt, and I thought about how it looks... even though some spots embarrass me, the warmth and feel of the fabric more than make up for the little things, and as a whole, it doesn't look so bad either.

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