Monday, January 28, 2008

Procrastinating again!

Did I ever mention here that when I find that a current project is going to be a bit difficult, I tend to procrastinate? Actually that's why my parents scrapbook was so late! Because Brooke's baby quilt is promising to be difficult to quilt, I've set it aside today and decided to create something completely different than anything I have on this blog so far... Bird toys! My female ekkie, Tirsa, is going through a phase of chewing. She is the champion wood chewer in this household. So in order to save the woodwork (which doesn't belong to us) I keep giving her bits of untreated pine that hang from bits of cotton rope or leather strips and she reduces it to rubble in no time.

A couple weeks ago I ordered a whole bunch of parts from my favorite bird toy store Fowl Play. I got a bit carried away, but you can see that the princess is happy! Her betrothed, Jonah, is sitting on his cage door, a safe distance away... he's a fraidy bird!For the few days previous to today, Tirsa would look whistfully down at the box on the floor containing all the parts, then grab her empty rope and shake it a bit, probably trying to get me started making something for her to destroy... either that or she wanted the box! So I finally gave in and while sitting in front of the tv today, I made this
As you can see, Tirsa couldn't wait to get into it! I had to take it away from her cage to get a few other pictures before she set out to tear it apart. After putting it in her cage, I didn't hear a peep out of her for the longest time. I think she was in chewing heaven! Jonah however, couldn't see the big deal. He finally got brave enough to go check it out, but it just didn't do anything for him. Now, Tirsa's untouched dinner, THAT was another story! Oh well, she made her choice!

Here's a close up
It should take her a while to get through this... maybe!

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LizzyT said...

I love that, what a great idea!