Saturday, August 2, 2008

A different type of gift box tie

Where in the world has all the ribbon with the wire on the side gone?! I went to four different shops today trying to find it. Each time I was told the shop didn't have it and the sales person didn't know where I could get it. I just thought they didn't want to promote another store! But literally I only found one, but it was ugly and Christmasy. Wouldn't work for a wedding present in August!

Spotlight was my last stop and I just thought I get something that would "do", like satin ribbon or some sort of organza, didn't really know what I'd come against.

Again, no wired ribbon...

When I asked a sales person, she took me to another section of the store where they kept the wedding supplies. They had one or two wired ribbons but neither worked for me. I grabbed some organza and headed to the register. But even before I got out of that aisle, I spotted this great meshy stuff and my wheels were once again turning! And it pretty much matched the box I was using. I didn't want to cover the box with satin ribbon because it's just too pretty, so this mesh really seemed to be the way to go.

It's wrapped around the box lenghthwise and tied. Then I brought the organza ribbon around just toward the end of the box... see where the dark ribbon is laying on the left? It's kinda covering the organza.

Because the contents are yummy, beautiful chocolate brown (but NOT chocolate!), and very soft, I wanted to bring some of that brown out of the box, so I got some small satin ribbon that really matches, just for interest. I got two colours and tied them together.

This is the whole thing all finished. It's very different, but it looks contemporary. I really like it.

The next post will be the wedding card.

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