Monday, August 18, 2008

For the benefit of my Eclectus friends

In a way this is pretty crafty. We just bought our birds a new cage! Yay! However, it required putting it together, which my husband did a great job with, AND a new cover for night time. I got the cage from a shop in Queensland called Pet Luvers. A nice gentleman by the name of Michael, was very patient with me as I called every week for almost two months asking if they came in or not.

Saying this cage is HUGE, would be an understatement. Measuring in at 5'4" across, about 6'1" high, and about 2 1/2' deep, it would actually look better either outside or in a much larger house.

This is only three sides of one side of the cage. My husband is a little taller than 6'.

Putting the second side on.

Almost finished, just needs the trays on the bottom, and the wheels.

Cage in place and Jonah exploring

Jonah, enjoying his deck.

"Hmm, this is different"

Our tiny little living room , so you can see, we need a bigger place!

Now on to the cover.

Fitting the top... I laid the fabric across the top and let it hang to where the sides would hang straight down.

This is the hardest part and it takes the most time to get this part right. This is pinning the front top together... you can see the little pins, then I cut carefully around the corners to make it a little easier to sew and find the right seam line. I also did this on the back, it just makes it a bit more stable and fitted.

Putting on the sides. Yep, I had to stand on a chair to get the cover over the top.

And here is the finished product

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Anonymous said...

You are really incredible Shelly - and the cage, well, IT IS HUGE! I am sure your babies are loving their new home. xx H