Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cards 2008

I waited as long as I could to put these up. I realise that some people that are actually getting them, will see them here first... sorry.

This year I had the idea for my cards way back in April when I got the stamp set I used for the design bottom right. I like trying to think outside the box when it comes to stuff like this, although I think about things I've seen before, try to change them, make them better... or, as I do, make them more complicated. Since she's known me, my best friend Michelle always shakes her head as I'm trying to make my day dreams become reality. She sits across from me cranking out 10, 20, 30 cards, to my 1. To this, I shake MY head because her's always look better than mine!

The front

These cards are about 7"x 6", done on acetate. Every piece of cardstock is cut exactly the same, although this is my prototype and doesn't look as perfect as the others.

As you can see, the dove is silver embossed on Midnight blue shimmer card. That then is mounted on a piece of plain white card stock.

Front Detail

I used Staz On Cloud White to stamp the "Joy To The World" and the top left corner design. I then tied the silver cord on the side, just because I thought it needed a little something extra.

For the inside I used White Bazzil Basics, I tried to get something that wasn't textured, but I put it off too long and couldn't get plain stuff so some is textured and some plain.

I used Michelle's "Peace Joy Love" stamp and a stamp from another set I just recently got. It has some gorgeous swirls and such in it. I stamped the words in dark blue brilliance, then stamped off the swirl twice so it wasn't so dark. For the other side, I printed out what I wanted to say, then signed it for a "personal" touch (as if a handmade card needs a personal touch!)

And the back, just another personal touch!

So you can see how the individual pieces of card HAVE to be cut exactly the same, but you know what? They didn't all cut the same. I wish I could figure it out. I even made templates out of really thick opague acetate and drew the lines around it so I'd have guidelines and they STILL didn't cut the same. You just can't imagine the stress this puts a perfectionist under!

Wanna know how many I did? I started out with JUST family, close friends and those I know would appreciate the work put in... this number was 12, and I WASN'T going to do anymore. None. They were done the first weekend in October and I was pretty proud of myself. Then my husband asked me if I was going to send cards to our clients. "Oh, alright, I'll do them for the clients as well." I ended up making 39 in total. And if someone doesn't get one that sees this post, well, I'm really sorry, but I'm so over these cards! There's always next year! And the really fun part is, I've already got ideas rolling around in my head. Perhaps I'll get them done waaay in advance.

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