Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pastors Christmas Card

Each year I'm asked to make a special card for our Pastors. In this card is placed a love gift from all the congregants. Its a special request and I'm always honoured to be the one asked to make it. So this is what I came up with this year. I had initially planned to make a beautiful shaker card with Christmas trees and white glitter laced powder, but when I saw something similar to this card, I thought this would be better, easier and it wouldn't take as long to create. I think it turned out pretty.

This is the front, of course. The card stock is gorgeous white striped shimmer, that looks a bit silvery.

I carefully spread Dimensional Magic on the back of the lacy ribbon and attached it to the card. I discovered the best way to do this is to spread some DM on a small piece of card stock, then drag the ribbon across it. It tends to cover all surfaces instead of globbing it on the back directly. This reduces the risk of getting too much on and having it come up through the holes in the ribbon.

The dark blue happens to be left overs from my other Christmas cards (see below). I used Fiskars scissors to cut the scallops in it. (What a pain!) Then I cut some gorgeous silk paper with my Aquwash brush and let it fray a bit, and taped it to the blue.

The bauble is a sticker (shock, horror!) and they are stuck on white cardstock. I tried putting them directly on the blue but that turned out to be too dark. I then taped that on to the silk paper.

The individual bits are put on with foam tape, to add dimension.

This is the inside where I provided a little slot to put the gift. In the past, I've just cut two slots, but this year I wanted to try something different. I really like the way it turned out.

I printed up a little greeting for the other side and taped it in. I also made a custom envelope because it was just a bit bigger than a standard legal size envelope.

I've just received another request for a birthday card from a client that received one of my Christmas cards (!), so I need to give them a call and see what they'd like.

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