Monday, May 18, 2009

Crafty Friends 2 The Price of Friendship

My best friend has always been a blessing to me, and she has taught me many many things about being crafty.

Every year for our birthday's and Christmas, we have vowed that we would never just buy something for each other, but spend time creating something from our hearts.

This year for Christmas she created a beautiful bag for me. Michelle doesn't sew, she hates it, but she also knows that I've been quilting for over a year now and wanted to put her hand to it, just for me. Not many people in our lives would completely go against their better judgement to try to create something, when they have no idea how to go about it... oh wait, I guess I did that, didn't I? Well this is just one more way we are so alike.

So after researching and looking for a pattern, dragging out her old sewing machine, and probably having to learn how to use it again, and through all the tears of frustration, and temper tantrums (I know those tantrums, been there, done that), this is what she came up with for my Christmas present this year. Honestly, I think she did a beautiful job and I so appreciate all the work that went into it.

The front

The back

And she even quilted it!

I use it for my drumming bag, to tote my sticks and accessories in. It gets a lot of use!

Thanks again Michelle!

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