Monday, May 18, 2009

Even Birdies Need Crafty Stuff!

Before we left for our month long holiday, I figured I'd better make a good woody toy for Tirsa so she didn't drive the fiddy sitter mad.

I just took the old toy that I had made a couple months ago and replaced a lot of the toy parts with new bits. I get most of these new pieces from Fowl Play. I think they are really good value and of excellent quality. Check out their site, if you have chewy feathered friends. If I would have thought about it first, I could have made the blocks read her name. Oh well, next time, I'm sure she didn't catch it.

In fact, I think she rather liked it. "Hmm, this looks yummy!"

However, like most kids, she liked the box as well.

Of course I
took all of the
tape and
stickers off

3 days into it


no, really, she DID

In fact, she looks rather proud of herself, don't you think? I think if I could have heard her thoughts, she would have been saying "it's still mine!"

She literally worked on this for 10 days straight. She has to be the most determined bird I have ever met! And it's taught me that she's a cheap bird, give her the box instead of the expensive toys and she's just as happy! Just like a human kid.

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