Monday, November 19, 2007

Making a Grandma happy, The joys of PhotoShop

This gorgeous little girl was born with only one lung and until her little body adapts to it, she has to have tubes helping her breathe. The proud grandma brought these photos to the quilting class and I mentioned that she could have the tubes airbrushed out. Then I told her how easy it was... then I volunteered to do it for her, not that I have ANY thing else to get done! LOL. But seriously, this little girl just captivated me, I could hardly tear my gaze away from her eyes. She's so precious. It only took about 10 minutes to scan then touch the photo up, so I really didn't mind. I was really dissapointed at how my printer printed it out though, so I've dropped them on a cd for her as well. (you can click on the ones justified left to enlarge them, the pictures justified center have a problem opening in a new window for some reason)




Lisa Ann & the Fids said...

She is adorable! Great job on the touch ups! Nice Blog too! Saw your post on Ekkiechat (trying to catch up a bit!) and had to check it out!

Lisa Ann

Nancy Grant said...

What a blessing to have a talent to make the adjustments. She is a beautiful little lady and totally adorable.