Monday, November 19, 2007

Potholders for Christmas??!

Perhaps if they are this fancy people, won't mind them!

I've always wanted one like this, but who wants to go out intentionally to buy a potholder? Especially if you've already got some that work perfectly well already.

I suppose what inspired me about this particular project is the fabric. As I've said in past posts, Janelle at Pieces to Treasure has some gorgeous fabrics... I just had to. She has patterns that are very Christmasy, with jolly old St Nick on the hand pockets, but 1. thats not me, and 2. I wanted something not relegated only to Christmas. So she showed me another one that's not necessarily for the Yule season, and I said "sold"... then "sold", "sold" again, and yet again. I got enough fabric to make 4. Of course I had to have one for me since everything else I've been making lately will be going out the door very shortly.

The quilting

The hand pockets

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Nancy Grant said...

Ooo... I love these and the fabrics you choose are wonderful! Can I get these patterns in paper too?

;-) Wink-wink,
Nancy Grant

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