Thursday, December 20, 2007

FINALLY my Christmas Cards are done and out!

I suppose this is just one more way I've procrastinated getting my scrapbook done. I have only about 3 more pages to do. Yay! Never mind the fact that I have to send it to my parents in the US (I live in Australia), and it's their Christmas present. It's now December 20th, and I missed it again. Sigh. I have told them that it would be late though.

Anyway, Christmas cards were just something else on my plate that needed to get done, and now I can scratch that off the list. Funny, I made 10 thinking I'd have some left over, but I didn't, and I wasn't making anymore! I was firm in this decision. I went to the post office to deliver them to the waiting box, then decided to check my post office box. Lo and behold two cards from people I hadn't even thought about... great friends, no doubt, they had just slipped my mind for some reason. So back home I went and spent another few hours making not two, but 6 more cards. I thought if I make only two, I'll more than likely need to make more. However, since I've made 6 more, I'll have some left overs for next year!

On the front of the cards is whats called an Ambigram. Which means you can turn the word over and it either says the same thing or something different. This one says something different. I had to carefully design in Publisher, the actual background for the card, the words "the reason we celebrate". It wasn't too difficult though. I layered the printed Jesus Christ on purple Bazzill, then green, then plunked it on the card. I tied a creamy ribbon at the top to, uhm, tie it all together~

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