Monday, January 7, 2008

Just a little fun...

If you look on the right in the section where I have my favorite links, you'll see I've added a new one. Its called "Do you know your geography?" Geography has always been something I enjoyed studying so this test was a fun IQ kind of test. You can play it as often as you like, and of course as you continue to play it, you do get better!

My final score was over 425,000 and I got to level 8. Seems I don't know much about South America! I should probably get my atlas out and study.

As far as crafty stuff, I'm still waiting for my sewing machine to turn up. I have a quilt I need to have done by mid-February. My Singer is getting traded out for a used Bernina and I've been in the process of getting it since before Christmas. Waiting, waiting... never something I was good at.

As far as papercraft... well, there ARE some challenge things I want to do, but I just feel papercrafted out from Christmas. It may take me a couple more weeks to get with it.

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