Monday, January 21, 2008

Waiting, waiting, but with a light at the end of the tunnel

Last week I was bored out of my mind and that mind was set on one thing, my sewing machine. I had called the shop where I was getting it from, and once again got promises and not much else, however, the promises were more sincere.

So I got out my altered book/journal thing and "thought", but didn't really come up with a lot to put on the pages. I tried tearing a black page and a white page together so they'd tear in the same place, then tried to sew the smaller white piece onto the larger black piece with really thin wire. I don't know, I just thought it would look cool, I did a card like that before and it looked nice. But in this book, it just didn't work. So after a couple hours, I gave up. Perhaps sometime soon my papercraft mojo will return.

But here are a few pictures from my book. I haven't really written in it much, but more designed, half designed, pages. I'll get around to doing more sometime. I suppose thats the beauty of not "having" to do something.

This is the front of the book

On this page, I used a round stamp on a roller thing to stamp the flowers on the white paper, just on the border, then I cut the black paper to add interest. The white page remains white, pretty much, under the black.

I created this page in memory of my friend Jodie. She's not dead, but lives so far away now I probably won't see her again in this life time. I plan to write some things about her in the blank area.

I cut several squares out of the pages, offsetting every few pieces, and used silicone to adhere this brass leaf to the page. I love this leaf, its so pretty.

I used a popsicle stick to cut around to create this effect. I'll probably design around the cuts on the individual pages, but don't know what I'll do yet.

And this is the page that has the color. The saying is really meaningful to me, to remind me to be a "leaf in a stream" and let God (the stream) guide me without fighting the guidance.

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