Monday, January 7, 2008

Ok, couldn't wait any longer!

I still didn't get a phone call from the sewing machine guy today. When I called him last Friday he said the machine he told me about may have electrical problems and that he'd call me on Monday to let me know the status. Its now 10:30pm... I don't think he's going to call today...

I couldn't stand the thought that I've got some of the most yummy baby flannel just sitting there begging me to run my hands over it, trim it down and make it into something that everyone is going to want to touch. I have never felt flannel like this. Brooke's baby is going to love it!

Here are some pictures of what I've chosen after its been ironed and squared up. I just need to start cutting the squares. I've decided that since this needs to be done before mid February, I'm just going to start it with my Singer and see what happens.

Well, its clear to me that PhotoShop and I are not cooperating with each other. This was supposed to be an upright picture, but its the only one I have with the pattern in the background. I'm changing the border a bit. There's going to be a 2" then a 5" border before the binding goes on. You can also find the pattern on Janelle's site. Since we obviously don't know what it is yet, only thats its a single baby (not twins), and that its expanding Brookes waistline, I've decided the safe colours are green and yellow.

Here's a better picture, you don't have to turn your head to look at this one.

After looking at Janelle's site, I discovered that the pattern I'm following is just a bit different than the one she has advertised at the link I've sent you to. But that's ok, have a browse around, she's got some beautiful stuff... I dare you ;-)

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Michelle said...

aahhhh... does it make you clucky?