Monday, January 21, 2008

I got it, I got it, I got it! Finally!

After the promises on Friday, and calling the guy this morning only to hear "I'll call you back in an hour", then NOT hearing from him, I kinda thought this wasn't going to happen again today. Lo and behold, he called me not an hour later, but 2 hours later. Honestly, I thought it was going to be another promised unfulfilled and I was actually beginning to formulate a speech about how I was completely dissatisfied and going elsewhere to get a machine... or quit sewing all together... yeah right.

Anyway, I got sidetracked and didn't hear my mobile ring, when I checked it to put it in my bag to go out, I noticed I had missed a call. Yep, it was the sewing machine guy, my machine was ready to be picked up! I practically RAN out of the house! Got over there and realized that in my haste, I completely forgot my trade-in. So I had to rush home and get it and bring it back. I had about an hours worth of training from the lady that runs the shop on Monday's, she really knew a lot about the machine and I really appreciated her.

It looks like a dinosaur, and it is really, its about 30 years old, but I've been told that this is THE machine to have. That most people that have them never sell them or give them up because they are just too good. Its heavy as, and the case is a bit dirty, but it will clean up nicely.
I couldn't believe the original styrofoam was still in the case! And of course the locking mechanism for the table is still in tact and holding the table in place.Again, it looks like a dinosaur, but the machine is in such good condition it doesn't matter. We tried sewing with it and you could barely hear it and it just swept over the material like a breeze. I was very impressed. We took out the bobbin case and the inside was shiny, like brand new.
If this woman ever used this machine, you sure couldn't tell. However, there places it needs to be cleaned up, but not many. Unfortunately, the woman that owned this machine died recently and her husband wanted to get rid of it and an overlocker she had. Probably the only reason I own one of these now!

And the accessories! There are things in this box I have no idea how to use! And check out that manual! All the pages are there though and it's very indepth. The woman that owned the machine before actually pasted samples of all the stitches and the results of all the feet included. Impressive. The bar thing sitting there is, I can't remember what the shop lady called it, but its to use with your knee to make the presser foot go up and down... hands free! So Bernina seems ahead of their time, even 30 years ago! And of course there's the walking foot (in the box on the left). Its brand new, but whats a quilting machine without a walking foot??!Now I can get back to this! I went to Janelle's last week and started it on one of her 30 year old Bernina's. Tonight, the borders go on and tomorrow I'll go see Janelle again, but this time it will be for more fabric! Although, only to do the back of this and get the batting for the inside. I'll probably find out how I need to quilt it as well.
I'm so excited! I feel like I can get back to life now!

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